Have you ever wished you could spend more time pondering, discussing and understanding things to the fullest instead of running after time?

At 55, we have been working with large multinational companies for almost a decade, helping them build and develop their brands better, faster and cheaper. Beside designing, setting up and monitoring innovative data-fueled customer strategies, a major part of our work consists in educating our clients, explaining to them the latest trends and changes in the advertising and marketing industry.


Our values


Increase business transparency through data-driven, actionable insights.


Empower people through data and technology ownership and knowledge transfer.


Let data, technology and creativity guide our efforts to create the finest, seamless brand experiences.

We’ve opened a tea house: a place to sit back, meet with friends and talk about old times and new trends… A space where one can learn and ask questions, designed to be both stimulating and relaxing. So please take a little break from your daily routine, browse through our library and start the conversation with one of us. And if you’re around in Paris, London, Hong Kong, New York, Shanghai, Geneva, Shenzhen, Taipei or Singapore, please drop by our offices for a cup of tea, it’s on the house!