Brandtech in a Few Questions – And Pictures

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fifty-five, who recently joined Brandtech group You & Mr Jones, hosted well-known brands in March 2016 for a conference held at Google’s Paris office: Allianz, Danone, Volvo, AXA, Sigfox, Aufeminin, Parrot, and Snips, a start-up. Brandtech was the topic of the day.
The cartoonist Deligne took this chance to capture a moment in the quickly-evolving world of marketing.


So, what does “Brandtech” mean? For Mats Carduner, CEO and co-founder of fifty-five, “this enigmatic word will change the world of marketing. It’s not a neologism, born of the digital age, like Adtech or Martech. This is the next step. It’s the way or the art of combining the fundamentals of branding with the power of technology.”

Brandtech is the illustration of the way technology will turn marketing processes on their head in a whole new way, going beyond performance measurement and including the creative idea and brand creation.

It opens the door to new experiences for brands. During the conference organised by fifty-five, discussions touched on data quality, IOT, personalisation, pull versus push marketing, but also respect for privacy, and trust – essential brand assets.

“Creating brands with the power of technology”

For David Jones, former CEO of Havas and founder of You & Mr Jones, we are at an extraordinary moment where two worlds are coming together: the world of agencies, experts in brand construction and creation; and the world of technology, with its capacity to optimise data, and to revolutionise the marketing process to make it “better, faster, cheaper”.


“Data reverses the power relationship between brands and users, by offering a novel vision of the consumer,” explains Mats Carduner.

If Brandtech, which is just in its beginning stage, will continue to change marketing, it will also impact the development of product, services, and brands, so that they are more in line with people’s needs, ultimately freeing them from the restrictions of technology.


“This is only the beginning of the story”

George Prest, formerly of BBH and R/GA and co-founder of Blood, the creative practice and entry point of You & Mr Jones, reminded conference-goers that Brandtech is an opportunity to bring consumer expectations together with relevant emotional content.


Prest underlined that the potential of Brandtech is using technology in smart (and thus painless) ways to encourage interactions that are closer and more personalised, and bring the industry back down to the human level.


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