ITP (Intelligent Tracking Prevention)

ITP (standing for Intelligent Tracking Prevention) is a feature integrated into the Safari browser. It was designed by Apple to better protect its users’ privacy, and prevent ad tech companies from tracking them down on the web.

In 2017, Apple introduced the first version of ITP to limit cross-domain tracking by degrading Javascript (JS) third-party cookies and leaving only a 24-hour window to exploit them.

In June 2018, Apple released ITP 2.0 which natively blocks JS third-party cookies used for advertising measurement and targeting purposes on the latest versions of Safari (iOS, iPadOS & Mac).

In February 2019, Apple revealed ITP 2.1 which applies to iOS 12.2 and Safari 12.1. It changes the lifetime of JS first-party cookies and caps it to 7 days, on top of the blocking of third-party cookies by default set by ITP 2.0.

Glossary - ITP - Illustration #1

Announced in April 2019, ITP 2.2 cuts the JS first-party cookies data lifetime from 7 days to 24 hours for pages where the URL contains user ID parameter. Learn more

Glossary - ITP - Illustration #2

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